Vehicle Monitoring

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ClearView knows many additional monitoring aspects get overlooked frequently, as many fleets and businesses don't understand the risk and impact small issues can lead to.  That's why we supply additional vehicle monitoring telematics and tracking devices, so you can monitor your fleet/business assets to maximum potential, as we believe no job should be half done.  

Tyre Monitoring

Vehicles filled with an incorrect low tyre pressure have poorer rates of fuel economy as a lower pressure increases rolling resistance.  Unnecessary added wear and tear is another overlooked factor, wearing down tyres at a faster rate.  This might seem a small effect, but if your fleet/business has a large variety of motorised assets, maintenance costs can soon add up replacing tyres across all your vehicles regularly.




One misconception that many drivers fail to see is that tyre blow outs don't just happen randomly, it is the end result of a worn out tyre wall, caused mainly by a tyre pressure that is too low.  A low pressure tyre appears to be deflated, bulging to the side.  The bulge shows additional pressure being exerted on the tyre wall, down to the lack of poor structural integrity, bringing a point where the tyre wall can't take anymore pressure and bursts, causing a blow out.


Using ClearView's linked tyre pressure monitoring telematics technology, provides businesses/fleets with advanced notification indicating low tyre pressures across vehicles, avoiding accidents and expensive maintenance costs and poor fuel economy.       

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ClearView's temperature monitoring provides businesses with assurance by constantly providing updates to fleet managers with temperature measurements.  This temperature monitoring telematics technology will create alerts if temperatures fall or rise beyond set parameters, so action can be taken swiftly and effectively.  Excellent for monitoring food trailers and vehicle on board temperatures.


Combined alongside the tracking and telematics solutions ClearView offers, Temperature monitoring can produce journey summary reports, combined alongside other vital performance indicators, allowing fleets to monitor driver behaviour styles/scoring, employee time sheets, fuel economy ratings, vehicle diagnostics and health and much more.      



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On-board Weight Monitoring

Overloaded vehicles can come with serious consequences such as prosecution, fines and loss of operator licenses.  ClearView's weight monitoring telematics devices monitor axle weight, ensuring maximum load efficiency as well as providing early alerts to an overloading event, or an unloading event that is not authorised. 


On-board Weight Monitoring telematics device provides precise monitoring within 5% of the vehicles weight.  Regular updates are supplied, combined with ClearView's telematics journey information, allowing fleet management to monitor employee driving styles, employee driver time sheets, fuel economy and a variety of other data.


On-board Wight Monitoring can be incorporated with a range of third party weight analysing system providers.  Get into contact today to find out more about how ClearView can help your business incorporate weight telematics.


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