Asset and Trailer Tracking

trailer tracking devices and trailer tracking

What is our Asset Tracker?


ClearView's Asset Tracking device combines the features of tracking alongside advanced telematics.  Our Asset Tracker allows management of trailers and assets.  Regardless if your asset is motorised or uses other various methods to be transported, we can cover it.


ClearView's Asset Tracking telematics solutions provide reassurance that assets are protected and executing the duty they have been given.  We don't aim to just track your asset, we aim to provide telematics data so businesses can see detailed performance of their assets to help save costs.     


We are able to integrate our asset and trailer tracking telematics technology into bespoke telematics app solutions for your business. Providing on the go vehicle monitoring and management, to telematics integrated marketing apps helping your business reach it's goals whilst providing promotion and revenue. Contact us below to find out how we can help you.

Trailer tracking devices and trailer tracking

Trailer Track


Integrating trailer track telematics solutions, allows fleet management to receive security alerts, detailing unscheduled movement and usage.  By using Asset and trailer tracking solutions, businesses are able to monitor trailer driving styles, be notified of any alerts regarding speeding and poor driving performance, as well as receiving notification upon an incident of a crash and tampering, plus much more.

Our trailer tracking telematics programming allows the device to automatically lower its frequency of alerting when the power source of the device is removed, therefore extending the battery's life up to 5 years, meaning the device only communicates with the system when necessary.  This data allows fleet managers to monitor their trailer fleet for longer periods, detailing live journey information regarding active trailers.


We can supply a range of asset and trailer tracking devices, from proactive to passive devices.  Proactive devices provide fleet management with 24/7 notification alerting, whereas passive reports into the system at programmed intervals to suit your business, reducing ease of the device being located.        


Asset Track


Asset Track is developed to provide fleet management with reassurance on precise GPS tracking locations of company assets.  This device is typically fitted with a rugged battery, made to survive whatever elements presented.  This GPS tracking device is suitable for anything that may not have a power source nearby for long periods.  


Assets can be covered with Geo-fences, providing automated alerts, notifying the exact time an asset is recorded leaving a location it shouldn't.  This systems instant notification, provides organisations with the greatest chance of assets being recovered.  This early warning is designed to help you protect against theft or accidental loss. 


Utilising the power of RFID technology, Asset Track can analyse the exact GPS location of anything enclosed inside or attached to vehicles, including boats, caravans, motor homes and more.         



asset and trailer tracking