Camera Telematics

Camera Telematics for vehices

IncidentCam Camera Telematics

With the option for a single dashcam or a duel camera telematics set up, IncidentCam provides all the necessary evidence for fleet management to support crash or incident reports.  With real time and historic remote video footage, IncidentCam camera telematics provides the opportunity to enhance driver behaviour, promote fleet safety and reduce claim insurance.

LiveCam Camera Telematics

In addition to the properties listed on ClearView's IncidentCam vehicle camera telematics solution, LiveCam camera telematics allows effortless live camera telematics, streaming live video footage, providing security and welfare to your staff and assets in the event of an incident occurring.  From a simple dashcam, supporting up to a 16 camera telematics set up.


ClearView's BodyCam camera telematics technology supports the protection of your staff and provides evidence of incidents where they are most at risk.