ClearView's 'CarBit' Plug & Play Vehicle Telematics Solution

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This small yet powerful vehicle telematics and tracking device plugs directly into a vehicles OBD port (On-Board Diagnostic Port), delivering live GPS tracking and up to date telematics information directly to your account on our cloud based software.  The 'CarBit' is your port of call for all your vehicle tracking and fleet telematics needs.  ClearView's CarBit telematics device is supplied with a European network coverage sim.

  • Premium Plug & Play vehicle telematics and tracking solution without the premium price tag.  

  • Aimed at vehicle and fleet tracking.

  • Full GPS tracking and monitoring capabilities that can not only protect your vehicle, but reduce operating costs.

Example Features 

  • Plugs directly into Vehicle OBD Port (On Board Diagnostic Port)

  • Supplied with OBD Extension Lead

  • Full GPS Tracking via PC / Laptop / Tablet / Smartphone & App

  • Full Telematics Reporting

  • Driver ID Enabled

  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring / Reporting

  • Automated Alerts / Braking / Acceleration / Cornering / Impact

  • Automated Alerts / Voltage / Battery / POI (Point of Interest) Geo Fencing

  • Automated Alerts / Tamper / Speeding / Speed Threshold / Service / Inspection

  • Live Reports / Automated Scheduled Reports / Historic Reports

Suitable for:

Cars, Vans & Light Goods Vehicles (NON HGV) below 3.5T 

manufactured after 1996

Key Features

  • No contract

  • One of the smallest plug in OBD tracking devices on the market

  • Easy to install

  • Mobile and PC compatible

  • Rugged Anti-Tamper unit

  • Built in G-Force sensor

  • On-board unit battery back up, notifies when unplugged

  • Built in internal cellular & GPS antennae

We have put together a more in depth section below discussing our ClearView CarBit tracking device in more detail.  A quick view guide is available here, allowing you to take control of your experience

24/7 Tracking And Monitoring



Full Telematics Reporting



DRiiVE telematics App Compatibility



Supported Admin Features

24/7 Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring 

Monitor showing live GPS tracking and vehicle telematics solution
Iphone holding image of GPS tracking and vehicle telematics system
The essential vehicle telematics system in the event of a vehicle break down, serious incident, reducing vehicle costs or simply monitoring and managing vehicle locations.
Variety of formats available including WWW PDF and CSV.

Full access to a range of historical and live data & reports, as-well setting up Geo-Fence parameters, providing protection when your vehicle is parked up. 

An integrated backup battery will notify you when unplugged. 

Full roaming GPS coverage across Europe included

Live Vehicle GPS Tracking 


Full real time and historic GPS tracking from the comfort of your PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone. Great reassurance for parents of young drivers and fleet managers, ClearView's 'CarBit' telematics device will allow you to view where the vehicle is, live time.

Daily/Month Reports 

Displaying reports highlighting journey summaries, speeds and over-speeding as well as GPS route snail trailing. The perfect telematics device for companies/individuals in preparing mileage claim sheets.

Driver Scoring System

ClearView's 'CarBit' telematics solutions implements Driver Scoring System's, monitoring distance duration's, fuel efficiency, idle times, brake scores and many more, highlighting key areas and opportunities to save yourself or your fleet money through reduced operating costs.

GPS tracking device accessible across a range of devices

Full Telematics Reporting

With 30 + accessible core telematics and tracking features, ClearView's 'CarBit' telematics system is your port of call for all vehicle and fleet tracking needs
Saving you or your fleet time and money
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Alert History


Supporting a variety of 10 + alert features, sending notifications to supported devices, helping you quickly identify when a set up alert has been activated.

DTC Reports

DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) reports allow the user to quickly identify vehicle faults. Repairs can be efficiently ordered into garages, reducing the time your vehicle is off the road.

DTC History

Pinpoints the exact GPS location, time, speed and mileage of the vehicle at a reported DTC, providing the information needed for a fleet user or individual to see when the fault was first presented.

Driver Behaviour

Translates data into an easy read format via ClearView's portal, enabling you to quickly identify areas for improvement.  

Private/Business Mileage

Enables drivers to switch between journeys completed for business and those completed for private.


Set up and Manage alerts though the ClearView Portal. Geo-Fences and POI (Point Of Interest) provide users with information regarding vehicle locations in proximity to set up areas. Excellent for Hire Cars or individuals, having locations set up near ports or other concerning areas, alerting Admin users of the vehicles location in potential theft activity.

DRiiVE Telematics App Compatible

DRiiVE is a fantastic telematics app that can be accessed through Tablet or Mobile Phone, 
working alongside ClearView's 'CarBit' telematics solutions.

The DRiiVE telematics app gives access to a range of driver behaviour systems, which will assist in reducing future

insurance quotes, as-well as ensuring your fleet is optimised and managed as efficiently as possible, reducing operating costs.  With advancing technologies, ClearView works closely with key partners, delivering tracking and data management products you wont find anywhere else. 

Supported Admin Features

A Variety of Management options with hundreds of possibilities

Manage Alerts 

Ranging from Geo-Fence alerts, speeding alerts and vehicle service alerts.


Manage Assets 

Easily adding/removing access and allocating permissions to user accounts, all managed by you, hassle free.


Manage Vehicle Groups and vehicles 

Set up and associate vehicles to groups all managed by you, maintenance of vehicles has never been so easy.


Manage POI's 

Set up and manage Point Of Interests, keeping you updated if your vehicle enters restricted areas set by you.

Screen displaying ClearView's GPS tracking
Computer Monitor displaying ClearView Tracking's GPS tracking portal
Phone displaying GPS tracking app
Another Phone displaying GPS tracking app