Crash Detect

Telematics Solutions To Reduce Insurance

Crash Detect alerts fleet management at the earliest opportunity of any incidents involving their vehicles.  The benefit to this is, businesses are able to handle situations efficiently and quickly, saving themselves time and money.  

Crash Detect is designed to use advanced accelerometer technology, providing accurate crash detection.  Upon the event of an impact, a First Notification of Loss (FNOL) report is constructed, automatically being sent out to preset email recipients, consisting of data in relation to the incident.  This data holds information detailing the exact crash location with precise GPS tracking snail trail mapping detailing incident lead up and aftermath.  Live cams depict events leading up to, during and after the incident.  This is available for freeze frame examination as well as accelerometer data, pinpointing exact location of vehicle impact, allowing fleet management to gain a full understanding of an incident.  


Crash Detect cam be combined with Driver Scoring technology and IncidentCam telematics solutions to reconstruct crash incidents, providing evidence of driver behaviour styles leading to an incident and any other factors that your fleet needs to handle insurance claims.  Our system is designed to provide data covering all the core aspects of driving, displaying the speed of the vehicle, steering control, cornering harshness and vehicle g-force, which is vital information that needs to be provided during an insurance claim.


Don't allow your fleet to go unprotected.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you integrate Crash Detection into your fleet, helping improve your driver behaviours.