Dangerous Actions From UK Drivers That Are Damaging Road Safety


When On The Roads, Safety Should Be Your Number #1 Priority

Road safety has a massive impact on lives.  Department For Transport states that the police had as many as 26,610 people either killed or seriously injured reported to them during the year ending in June 2018.  That is a serious number.


ClearView knows first hand how lack of road safety affects individuals, families and organisations.  We wanted to find out the most frustrating thing you see on the road in a bid to raise awareness of dangerous and irresponsible actions drivers are performing on our roads.  Many drivers adopt the "it won't happen to me" attitude, but if they can see other members of the public's views towards their actions, they might think twice about how their actions are affecting others.


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"When you're in traffic and you see somebody on their phone in your mirror.  When people forget that their cars actually have indicators.  Drivers often forget that they're for pedestrians, as well as other drivers." - George

Both of these are really serious points.  With texting and driving being a massive contributor towards distracted driving fatalities and the Highway Code forbidding the use of mobiles whilst in control of a vehicle, It is worrying how often people still use phones when behind the wheel, with a 2018 study showing 25% of drivers admitting to using a phone at some point when behind the wheel


The lack of indicator use is a problem that is being pointed out more and more when it comes to road safety in the UK.  Too often drivers are failing to indicate when taking a sudden turning or coming off at roundabouts, which can create unnecessary confusion, stress and danger for other road users.  It may not seem like much, but the consequences this can have on road safety is devastating.  

"It bugs the heck out of me when people undertake on dual carriageways & motorways then pull out to hog the lane in front of you. Dangerous, inconsiderate & adds to the risks for all road users." - Kate, IAM RoadSmart

Undertaking and lane hogging is something that is increasing on UK motorways and dual carriageways with many failing to see the impact these driving behaviours can have on road safety.  Whilst it is something the police are trying to tackle, we all know police numbers have rapidly diminished and therefore it is something all road users need to keep in mind.  Undertaking is a behaviour the Highway Code strongly advises against and if deemed dangerous driving, can see drivers punished.  

"People on their phones. Especially when they have not noticed that the lights have turned green!  Also when people get right up your back... just makes you want to drive slower."   - Jade

Phone use seems to be one of the most frustrating things people witness on the road and it's great to see people tolerating it less due to road safety awareness.  We want to help spread the message further, making people realise that receiving a text whilst driving is not important, it'll still be there when you arrive.  Safety on the road is far more important, nothing is worth putting yours and somebody else's life at risk. 

Tailgating has been mentioned many times and is something we will discuss further on, so keep reading!

"Might not seem much to others but my biggest thing is not indicating! The other day I nearly crashed into someone on a roundabout as I went to go straight but they were coming round! So frustrating! It also slows drivers down when your having to guess what other drivers are doing!"
- Georgia

Another point for not indicating!  This is something we see often, and the results can be devastating.  Car drivers often forget about other road users.  Indicators can be life savers for road users such as motorcyclists.  Indicators were designed for a reason and it is a bad driving behaviour that many UK road users are guilty of. 

"Phones. I see red whenever I see somebody checking their phone while driving. Nothing on a mobile is so important that it's worth potentially killing someone over."

More highlighting of how frustrating seeing phone use on UK roads can be.  This topic keeps coming up over and over again and it really illustrates the importance of road safety when it comes to mobile use. Don't do it!   

"I hate it when a driver is right up against the back end of your car. This really winds me up, it's very dangerous, stupid and more importantly, an accident waiting to happen." - Jason

Tailgating has become a serious issue on UK roads, with Highways England stating that 1 in 8 casualties that occur on the strategic road networks are due to tailgating.  Driving closely behind another vehicle with lack of care and attention gives less time to react in an emergency.  This is becoming a common sight on UK motorways, which is really surprising given the increased risk of accident and fatalities that can occur from this dangerous driving style.     

"A lack of awareness is certainly frustrating; drivers who fail to acknowledge other road users and assume they'll be quick on the brakes are playing a dangerous game."

This comment describes the exact dangers of tailgating.  Driving too close behind another car dramatically reduces your reaction time to any event the car in front may face.  Increasing road safety really can be as simple as leaving more distance between you and the car in front.  Think, can I react in time?  If no, fall back!

"Phone use frustrates me so much but arrogance is worse. People with absolutely no concern for the safety of both drivers or pedestrians when they zoom around blind corners at 3238132901mph."

Phone use whilst driving keeps popping up!  In regards to arrogance, many drivers are guilty of relaxing and neglecting road safety when behind the wheel.  After years of driving, many drivers become too comfortable, but it only takes a second to change yours or someone else's life forever. 

Want to to share with us what dangerous actions other drivers do that really annoys you when behind the wheel?  

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