DRiiVE Telematics APP

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How DRiiVE Works

DRiiVE combines the ever expanding power of telemetry, alongside DriiVE's Triage Team and expert Fleet Analysts.  With our two stage intervene, improve approach, we provide service to help your fleet reach its optimum operation efficiency, leading to vastly reduced operational costs and slashed road risk.   

Fleet Management

With the increased focus being directed towards compliance and regulation, there is a growing risk any evidence displaying neglectful fleet management in the situation of a serious traffic incident can point blame.  DRiiVE provides fleet operators with peace of mind, implementing a detailed vehicle check, ensuring vehicles are safe and compliant with road laws during operations.  

Insurers And Brokers

DRiiVE provides solutions that are explicitly developed to manage risk and come together alongside current in place risk management strategies, with the function of providing considerable resource savings.  Our technology works alongside our fleet analysts to ensure vital information is presented in an easy, accessible format.