Driver ID and Monitoring

Reduce Costs Using Telematics

Fleet Management often find their vehicles are shared between a range of drivers.  Some allow drivers to take vehicles home, trusting that these vehicles will not be driven out of hours. 


Our Driver ID And Monitoring telematics solutions allow fleet management to keep track on exact vehicle/driver locations at any time, with the choice of wireless, wired and keypad ID systems.  The data provided by these telematics solutions give an insight into driver performance and behaviour, making sure company policies are adhered to. 


Our Driver ID And Monitoring telematics solutions are designed to restrict driver access to vehicles, keeping vehicles secure in times they have not been authorised for use, as well as highlighting and displaying negative driving habits.  Identifying negative driving styles allows companies to construct policies or additional training for drivers, reducing the impact negative driving styles have on vehicle fuel economy as well as vehicle wear and tear.     


Operator ID Telematics Solutions

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Operator ID telematics solutions provides the ability to identify and monitor the operator of any plant/machine equipment, presenting businesses with piece of mind that their assets and policies are being adhered to.


If your business has a variety of assets available to a range of workers, you know it can be challenging to monitor who uses what.  We have solved this issue through our Operator ID telematics solutions, presenting businesses with the opportunity to monitor and trace workers across multiple assets.  Time sheets are important to businesses.  Operator ID telematics allows time sheet monitoring for fleet management as well as being able to trace workers directly back to plant or machinery equipment, proving responsibility.

Using the power of touch fob or Bluetooth wireless technology, Operator ID telematics can manage the security of your assets, securing assets outside of work hours.  Unauthorised users will not be permitted to use monitored machinery, linking into ClearView's telematics platform giving you complete control over your assets .


Telematics is an excellent way to monitor your drivers and vehicle efficiency, but this can be a problem where you regularly swap workers between vehicles.  Driver ID provides advanced telematics solutions that give companies the ability to trace and monitor driver performance and behaviours across vehicles.  


Driver ID telematics provides many key benefits to fleet/business managers.  Driver time sheets can accurately be monitored, driving offenders can be identified and disputes can be resolved, such as delivery. 


Data gathered by Driver ID telematics can be examined to help a business reduce costs in many aspects.  Using a touch fob, keypad entry or Bluetooth wireless technology through Driver ID allows access to ClearView's telematics platform, displaying key data to monitor fleet activity and vehicle/driver performance.  The telematics platform allows managers to monitor driving styles, time of driving, driving locations, any alerts such as speeding, harsh cornering, harsh braking, idling time, stopping time and distance covered with pin point GPS location snail trail maps breaking down events.  Using all this presented data, fleet management can monitor and regulate as to whether vehicles are being used in an appropriate manner, maximising efficiency as well as highlighting appropriate steps that could be taken to improve best practice.  


Driver ID Telematics Solutions

Telematics solutions To Monitor Driving St

Driver Style Telematics Solutions

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Driving style has a major negative impact on fuel economy, vehicle wear and tear and a greater risk of increased claims.  ClearView's telematics Driver Style solutions allows fleet management to evaluate and monitor driving patterns and standards across their business.  This presents the opportunity to introduce policies, training and guidelines in highlighted areas, to reduce overall operational costs and improve business operational performance. 


It is proven that drivers who are aware they are being monitored have a reduced risk of incident claims and demonstrate an increased performance in driving.  Our telematics data will present businesses with typical usage insights, demonstrating acceleration, idling, braking, cornering and speeding attributes as well as displaying road types and conditions of driving environment, equipping organisations with low risk insurance evidence that can reduce premium costs. 


Our Driver ID and Monitoring telematics solutions are proven to help you :

  • Reduce insurance costs

  • Slash fuel consumption

  • Cut CO2 emissions

  • Reduce maintenance costs throughout your fleet

  • Lower claim rates and reduce the rate of accidents occurring

  • Reduce operational costs

  • Increase fleet and business efficiency and performance