How DRiiVE Works


When observing telematics data, it is evident that telemetry is only shown to be useful if the response to the telematics data is relevant.  This means that data gathered for the sake of it is useless, utilising the power of telematics requires interpreting and acting upon gathered data.  A visible trend is that many fleets install telematics technology following insurance conditions or to gain operational benefits, many fail to realise the true power and potential telematics brings.  DRiiVE uses advanced technology to gather and retain telematics data from your system and works for you translating this data into a eligible format, directly providing feedback to engage your companies drivers in order to encourage improvement.  Reports highlighting points of action for our intervention team to carry out are produced.  The DRiiVE app serves as a major part of the DRiiVE solution, ensuring validation of driver, vehicle and continuous risk management.  



DRiiVE uses an intervention process to provide drivers with frequent feedback, in relation to driving behaviour styles demonstrated.  Our team of highly trained experts provide proactive intervention as well as remote monitoring, ensuring that your drivers are conscious of their responsibilities and are knowledgeable of the consequences that can follow poor performance standards.         

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Through the understanding of your fleets performance, our dedicated DRiiVE experts work alongside your business, refining methods to ensure excellence is delivered across the operation.  Should your business requirements adapt and change, our DRiiVE experts will always remain accessible, to help you redefine any intervention strategies you may wish to adjust.    

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