ClearView's IncidentCam camera telematics solution is ahead of the game.  This camera telematics solution features a tamper proof flash memory in which a continuous loop of high definition driving activity is recorded and stored on.  Automated video alerts are sent to responsible management in the event of a near miss or collision.  Video footage can be remotely requested on demand and drivers are supplied with a panic button.  Once pressed this will prompt the uploading of incident clips.  ClearView's IncidentCam vehicle camera system streams footage from 720 to 1080P Digital HD.


See Our LiveCam For Live Camera Telematics  


A secondary camera can be combined, including ClearView's event driven alerts and upload technology, allowing the camera to record any events that happen behind or inside the vehicle.  Our safeguarding can go even further, allowing the combination of a secondary camera alongside remotely electable audio recording to gain more of an insight into lead up and following events of an incident. 

No Need For An SD Card

All footage captured during journeys is stored securely on a flash memory device, that automatically protects stored clips, until these event clips are uploaded via a 3G connection to our secure server.  The reason for this is SD cards are prone to corrupt or lost data files, our flash memory gives you maximum reassurance that your clips are stored securely.

Remote Access To Footage

Remote access takes away the headache of going about manually retrieving data.  Footage can be conveniently retrieved and examined without the need to retrieve vehicle or camera.


Accurate FNOL Alerts   

ClearView's hard wired telematics technology detects accelerometer events, providing a greater point of accuracy when it comes to detecting crash or harsh driving incidents.  Within seconds of an event occurring, our telematics technology delivers a detailed FNOL (First Notification Of Loss) report, provided with relevant video footage. 

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Benefits Of IncidentCam Camera Telematics Solution

Supplementary Footage On Demand

To provide further evidence and context to recorded incident footage or assess driving style/behaviour prior to an incident, supplementary footage is available for request, featuring larger footage segments.


Beneficial Driver Training


ClearView's IncidentCam camera telematics solution provides companies with an opportunity to enhance driver behaviours through exposure of bad practice examples and negligence, which left unseen to, can result in serious incidents and repercussions for a company and fleet management.     

Additional Driver Protection

ClearView's IncidentCam vehicle camera system provides drivers with a panic button, manually enabling an event clip if the driver feels this action is necessary, for example criminal activity on the roads, road rage incidents or dangerous behaviour from third parties.

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Insurance Reduction Benefits

IncidentCam provides necessary video evidence to settle non-fault traffic collisions, which without this evidence would have been challenged, providing huge future saving cost benefits to companies utilising fleet vehicles.


IncidentCam Can Provide Cover Inside And Out The Vehicle

Coverage inside and outside a vehicle can be provided.  A second camera is compatible with IncidentCam, with the ability to provide internal cab footage, encouraging best practice is demonstrated from drivers and ensuring vehicle policies are enforced.  If preferred, a vehicle camera can be mounted externally to the rear of the vehicle, providing a company with valuable information identifying true circumstances of an event, proving hugely beneficial in collision incidents.   


Additional Audio Capturing

IncidentCam camera telematics optimises audio technology to provide capture of internal audio.  This audio feature has been optimised to provide any business with full flexibility, allowing remote manual activation and deactivation.