ClearView Tracking Proudly Sponsors John Hadfield On His Bus Pass Adventure 

John Hadfield has decided to attempt breaking a UK record with the longest distance travelled using a bus pass.  ClearView Tracking gained the exciting opportunity to supply John with a tracking device so we can monitor his record attempt progress. 

Bus transport UK record journey

John has decided to take this opportunity to raise money for a great cause, supporting those who are suffering from PTSD and we would all be greatly appriciative if you could help support the cause here

Monitor John's Progress

John would love people to interact and take a look at his progress as he embarks on this record setting attempt. Please visit the following link to watch John's progression.

Please use the following details:


Password: BusPass123!


Enter the supplied details into the Username and Password Box.

Click "Select Group".

Click on the bold text shown.

Click on the blue man icon.

A map will be displayed, use your scroll wheel and mouse to move the view around. Satellite and street view options are available to select on the right hand side of the screen.

Clicking on the reports icon shown in the top toolbar will bring up the "Lone Worker Report" clicking on the report will bring up this screen where you can map out John's journey and see various details about John's journey. 

Make sure the blue man is highlighted on the left hand side, select the date range by clicking one of the options and then selected a viewing format (we recommend www).

A second screen will load. Here you will have two icons, an information icon and a down arrow. 

Clicking on the down arrow will load up basic information about John's journey within your selected time-frame, such as locations travelled, coordinates and speed.

Clicking on the information icon will display an in-depth snail trail map, mapping out John's current journey within the selected time-frame.