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March 4th 2019

The Most Frustrating And Dangerous Actions Drivers Are Performing On UK Roads

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We asked you what actions from other drivers annoy you the most.  We wanted to gain an idea of the most frustrating actions you see on the road in a bid to raise awareness of dangerous and irresponsible actions to promote road safety.  Was it phone use?  Poor attention to other drivers?  Or something that happens to you on the daily?

January 23rd 2019

How To Stay Safe On The Roads This Winter

With bad weather coming and going, it is essential that you are prepared in case you get caught out in unexpected weather.  Always keep in your mind that breakdowns are more common during the winter months, so it's always useful to prepare an emergency kit as you never know when the roads might come to a stand still. 

January 4th 2019

ClearView's Crucial Checklist for Managing Fleet Safety

It is no myth that roads are a busy dangerous place.  The RAC estimates that on average 3 people die each day on UK country roads alone.  Entering 2019, it is clear a vast range of vehicle monitoring and tracking devices are out on the market, with the intent to help fleet management prioritise fleet safety.  But with so many products, it can be hard to find a genuine reputable source that you can rely on. 

November 6th 2018

ClearView Tracking Proudly Sponsors John Hadfield On His Bus Pass Adventure

John Hadfield has decided to attempt breaking a UK record with the longest distance travelled using a bus pass.  ClearView Tracking gained the exciting opportunity to supply John with a tracking device so we can monitor his record attempt progress. 

October 17th 2018

 Caravan And Motorhome Security

ClearView had a brilliant time at the NEC talking to all the enthusiastic motor home/caravan owners and companies.  A good experience talking face to face with some of the insurance companies that manage caravan and motorhome claims as well as discussing how ClearView's solutions can help tackle caravan and motorhome theft.