Light Commercial Fleets

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Helping To Manage Your Fleet

Companies that utilise vehicles for transportation can hugely benefit from our 'ready to go' telematics devices that allow firms to discover ways to reduce costs and increase efficiency through

  • Reduced fuel consumption

  • Lower insurance premium costs

  • Minimised wear and tear constraints on vehicles

  • maximised efficiency and safety within the workplace

Our advanced next generation telematics technology allows light commercial fleets to operate on a more efficient scale, whilst cutting operation costs and reducing road risk easily and quickly. 


Key performance indicators are able to be monitored by fleet managers, including acceleration, harsh cornering, harsh braking and speeding events.  The data from the telematics devices is interpreted and available to view on our dashboard located on our portal, providing daily/weekly/monthly reports in aid to help drivers see performance feedback and, where necessary, learn ways to drive more efficiently and safely.  This in turn benefits the company through reduced wear and tear costs, reduced vehicle maintenance costs, reduced fuel consumption and lower insurance premium rates.

Utilising our telematics products allows transport companies to ensure employees are performing set out tasks safely, by tracking vehicle and asset locations, monitoring utilisation times and other areas that can be tailored to your business.


What Sort Of Fleets Can Our Telematics And Tracking Be Applied To?

Our technology can track and monitor any vehicle fleet, from delivery vans, refrigerated trailers, gully cleaners, gritting machines, trucks, taxi fleets to company cars.  We have your business and assets covered. 


How Can Your Technology Help My Fleet?

ClearView's telematics technology can help your company save money, increase safety and improve efficiency in a range of ways.  Our driver scoring system is proven to save fuel expenditure costs, improve driving styles demonstrated throughout your fleet and reduce vehicle maintenance costs, combating unnecessary wear and tear.


Customers that have utilised our technology have hugely benefited from lower insurance premiums as a result of maximising the power of our CarBitDriver Score, Crash Detect and IncidentCam technology.


Scheduled reports and automated alerts keep management aware of assets and vehicles without needing to be logged in 24/7, providing important information, such as:


  • Unauthorised alerts of vehicle use 

  • Geofence and POI alerts  

  • Automated schedules ranging from daily,weekly and monthly

  • Vehicle Diagnostic and service scheduling