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LiveCam is a fleet camera telematics solution, providing organisations with essential market leading information when it comes to monitoring driver behaviour and assets in transit. 


ClearView's LiveCam camera telematics solution continuously live streams footage to a vehicle installed Digital Video Recorder (DVR), using a variety of camera systems, ranging all the way from a single camera dashcam, up to a 16 camera telematics setup, benefiting large fleet vehicles.  Data captured by the vehicle camera systems is stored within the DVR, but ClearView's online portal provides organisations with remote accessing, providing live streaming of data as well as historic footage, all accessible from as little network connection as 2G.  ClearView's fleet Camera telematics systems streams footage from 720 to 1080P Digital HD. 

See Our IncidentCam For Playback Camera Telematics  

ClearView Tracking makes monitoring and viewing live camera footage simple, through the use of one easy access online camera telematics portal.  Effortlessly stream historic or live camera footage from up to four cameras immediately, with up to one hour viewing per vehicle each day, depending on chosen tariff plan.


Each secure DVR, allows a finite amount of data to be stored, enabling businesses to review up to a month previous, any incidents and travel journeys that have been stored on the DVR.  ClearView can configure any business larger storage capacity upon a request.  

Our LiveCam vehicle camera telematics and tracking technology has already proven to help reduce insurance costs and lead to higher levels of operation efficiency within fleet companies, combined alongside additional security reassurances.   

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