Lone Worker

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Lone Worker Device

This is a small telematics device, designed to be carried by a person, without getting in the way of work duties.  The Lone Worker telematics device transmits alerts and notifications to our servers in the same way our other telematics devices do, allowing the GPS location of workers to be mapped out alongside vehicles and assets.  


Our Lone Worker telematics device goes the extra mile, providing a line of communication with base, if anyone working in isolated conditions finds themselves in trouble.  This device features both SMS and Voice SOS emergency calls can be made by the worker to a preset emergency contact.  In serious cases where the worker becomes incapacitated and therefore unable to operate the telematics device themselves, an automated 'man down' alert feature will open up emergency communication lines with base, once the device detects a sudden change of orientation, taking the worker from upright to prone.           

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PDA reporting tools offer detailed evidence and information regarding completed tasks, helping your business boost customer support standards and efficiently regulate workforce practices and monitor company policies.     

PDA telematics device is a small device that is developed to support and help workers in transport, maintenance and delivery industries.  This device is equipped with satellite navigation alongside messaging tools, providing workers with the means to receive job information and on the go GPS routing guidance.  Useful prompts provide workers with reminders to collect signatures from customers, record any completed work and gather any evidence that is necessary, such as photographic evidence. 


PDA provides the means for work schedules to be planned, with active updating.  Worker activity can be monitored, to ensure work tasks have been completed in good time to expected standards, assets have been collected and delivered to required places and employees have followed workplace regulations and policies, helping your business maximise its workforce.  



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