Telematics Role In Maximising Safety And Security

Fleet Telematics Systems Increase Safety


Our technology recently worked with a long established family removals company.  This business prides itself on providing small company professional care with the capability of that of a large company.  The day to day nature of this business required employees to handle and transport customers personal and household possessions, all of which are assumed high value.  The business utilised a fleet consisting of specialist removal vehicles, travelling up and down the country, covering hundreds of miles each day.     

The Challenge Faced

It was always very important to this removal company that customers were informed of their driver whereabouts during transit.  Before utilising our telematics technology, the company relied on calling drivers, asking them to give their current whereabouts and estimated arrival times over the phone, this was using up company resources and time.  The company wanted to provide a higher standard of customer service than what was currently utilised.  


Safety and security were important aspects to the removal company.  They hoped a telematics solution would allow employee driving standards to be monitored and insure themselves against drivers, evaluating driver risk performance.  

The company also wanted to extend their employee welfare, making sure drivers were reaching destinations safely without distracting them with unnecessary phone calls.


The Method And Solution


The first solution identified was to install a telematics device into all removal vehicles in order to meet the needs for location monitoring.  This technology transmitted live location data for each individual vehicle.  Management was given access to this data through the use of a special portal.  This portal was mobile and desktop compatible, allowing for on the go use.  The data provided the ability to monitor all deliveries and alert customers to any delays forecasted.  The data also provided management with downloadable reports such as 'Alert History' and 'Time on Site' enabling the company to use this information to improve operational efficiencies as well as being able to provide driver feedback.


An IncidentCam was also used.  This was a solution for capturing all on road event footage ranging from collisions right the way through to 'crash for cash' scams that happen on a regular basis on UK roads.  IncidentCam gave management early notification, alerting of any incident, providing the company with the opportunity to check driver well being and seek immediate help.  Early notification of any incident involving a fleet vehicle gave the removal company the ability to handle incidents and consequences swiftly and efficiently.            


Benefits Gained From Our Telematics Technology

Following on from the installation of our telematics devices, the removal company is now operating at safer and more secure levels.  Piece of mind was assured with IncidentCam technology, assuring the company that any data relevant to collisions would be retained by the camera, holding information leading to and after the incident.    

The company witnessed how quickly vehicles and drivers could be identified and located, saving time when it came to day to day job planning.  An unexpected bonus that came from this for the company was a reduction in fuel consumption as a result of targeted operational efficiency levels.  Our technologies were heavily praised by the company, for the piece of mind and ease they brought about them.  The company was so pleased with the technology they are now utilising our new in-vehicle live streaming camera systems across their whole fleet, with the objective of providing fleet vehicles with extended protection against theft incidents as well as insuring drivers against faced allegations.