Plant, Equipment, Construction And Local Authorities

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ClearView's Technology has the ability to help companies reduce costs and increase operational efficiency with our range of 'ready to go' telematics products through:

  • Minimising the rates of vehicle wear and tear

  • Reducing fuel consumption rates

  • Reducing insurance premiums

  • Working to maximum efficiency

  • Providing specialist winter and road maintenance applications

It is a known fact that local authorities who utilise our telematics technology are able to to improve customer relations and satisfaction as well as ​increase service delivery frameworks.


ClearView's telematics can help companies in a range of ways.  Companies can monitor and safeguard workers offsite and onsite.  Regulations and policies can be enforced and monitored, ensuring employees are working within guidelines to expected standards, as well as storing records of work that has been completed in the correct timely manor.  The provided data also helps companies to maximise operational efficiency, being able to benefit from reduced costs tied within maintaining company assets and vehicles.       


What Sort Of Vehicles Can Your Telematics And Tracking Be Applied To?

Our technology can track and monitor a wide range of vehicles and assets.  From Plant machinery, trailers or a hedge cutter, we have your business and assets covered.  We don't just provide the whereabouts of your vehicles/assets, we can help you monitor who and how they are being used.  


Which ClearView Products Will Be Most Beneficial To My Business?

ClearView supply a vast range of telematics products that will directly benefit your business.  The following links will display more information on each product, clicking will redirect you.

We can offer personalised solutions tailored towards your business, get in contact for more information