Plant Telematics

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Security and Safety

Clearview's Plant Telematics monitors plant vehicle and machinery usage and provides GPS tracking.  Our Plant Telematics solutions prevents unauthorised vehicle and machinery access.  Bluetooth smartcards and keycodes have been developed to allow only individuals who possess the correct credentials and training to access vehicles.  An example of how we safeguard plant assets, would be our safeguarding of working at height.  Our Plant Telematics solutions have integrated technology with industry regulator IPAF, restricting access to only those who possess appropriate IPAF licensing for the onsite equipment.


That's not all.  Our Plant Telematics solutions will alert businesses to unauthorised usage detected, tracking GPS locations and allowing remote vehicle immobilisation if necessary.       

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The key benefit to our Plant Telematics is the ability to not only provide GPS tracking, displaying locations of where assets are, but to monitor duration of how long machinery has been operational.  We provide businesses with accurate measurements of when machinery is due for servicing, avoiding hidden service bills from unexpected wear and tear.  Our Plant Telematics uses advanced programming, sending alert warnings to whoever is applicable when equipment is at high risk of malfunctioning.  Our Plant Telematics solutions detect a range of malfunction causes, such as overheating, fuel or filter matters and will alert businesses when proactive maintenance is needed.     


By analysing data provided by plant telematics solutions, we can offer depth analyse of how how your equipment is being utilised during operational periods.  If you're wanting to know operational hours of equipment compared to time this equipment was left idling, wasting fuel, or how much floor space a vehicle has covered, such as an industrial cleaner, we can tell you.


Our Plant Telematics solutions cover many reporting requirements which can be tailored to suit your needs.  Get into contact today to find out more about ClearView's reporting features.