Road Care

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Road Care

Road maintenance can be a hassle without added concerns.  Knowing which roads have already been covered and when, reduces wasted time, maximising road maintenance workforce efficiency. 


Road care telematics devices and solutions are designed to fit street sweepers, gritters and gully cleaners, mapping out required areas that still need to be attended too, help businesses schedule workloads and provide key evidence of work that has been completed.  That's not all, Road Care telematics and tracking solutions go one step further, processing worker time sheets as well as tracing performance of vehicle based workers, monitoring vital factors including hours worked, speeds of vehicles, idling times and more.   


Taking feeds from PTO activated functionality, allows ClearView to establish between a maintenance vehicle commuting to territory and a maintenance vehicle executing a required task.  Our telematics and tracking technology is not just limited to on road vehicle maintenance, Road Care applies to maintenance vehicles that don't go on the road, such as ride on lawn mowers, providing data such as the amount of grass that has been cut in a session. 


Our Road care tracking and telematics devices have a variety of different uses that can be applied to a further range of assets.  Get into contact today to find out more about ClearView's Road Care telematics.

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