Telematics Role In Theft And Customer Service

Fleet Telematics Solutions Reduce Theft.

 The Challenge Faced

Our telematics technology recently worked alongside a business that was required day to day to transport high value equipment and stock, using a fleet of specialist vehicles.


A major priority  for the business was to protect assets from theft, especially expensive scaffolding equipment.  The fleet consisted of a large network involving cars, 4x4s, vans, trailers, tractors, forklifts and HGVs.  The fleet was after a real time telematics solution, with the ability to offer vehicle and asset visibility to managers as well as provide financial reassurance to the business, if an event involving theft occurred.  Furthermore, the business stated they were keen to improve staff productivity and to include automated timekeeping.        


The Method And Solution


A solution was identified which would allow the business to improve scheduling of deliveries and collections, as well as a solution that could locate real time vehicles and assets immediately alerting and identify unauthorised usage.  

The resulting outcome saw a custom designed telematics solution, that was not only installed on fleet vehicles, but also installed onto individual loads, protecting the business further from theft risks and increasing the chance of recovery.


Web based tracking solutions were implemented alongside a driver ID module , providing the business with increased accuracy of the whereabouts of employees, by allowing management to know who is driving any vehicle at an exact time.  

In addition, the company also worked with our technology to ease concerns that vehicles operating away from the depot could be loaded with extra equipment and become overweight.  They already had an existing on-board overload system that would log any incidents of overweight events, but our technology would enable them to receive alerts live time, through a secure web portal at exact times overweight events were noted.     


Benefits Gained From Our Telematics Technology

Shortly after the utilisation of our telematics devices, the business was able to identify a quantity of vehicles that could be deducted from the fleet, without risking operational performance, all thanks to increased efficiency regarding fleet utilisation and journey planning.  Further cost reductions have been noticed for the business, achieved through monitoring and feedback to drivers, correcting any poor driving styles, such as excess idling times and other identified driving events.