Tracking And Telematics Solutions

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Lower Insurance Costs

ClearView Tracking's tracking and telematics solutions have helped countless fleets reduce insurance costs

Theft and customer service

Discover how our advanced telematics solutions have reduced theft and helped companies increase customer service 

Increased Efficiency and reduced costs

Our solutions have helped fleets and businesses reduce costs and increase efficiency in ways they could not before 

maximising safety and security

Find out how ClearView Tracking's telematics solutions have helped companies maximise safety and increase security

ClearView's CarBit Telematics Solutions

Ready to use, straight out the box Plug & Play GPS tracking device.  Plugs into the vehicles OBD port (On-Board Diagnostic Port).

The essential vehicle telematics solutions, providing Full tracking and telematics reporting.  30+ accessible core features ranging from DTC Reports, Driver Behaviour, Live GPS Tracking, Geo-Fences, POI's, Setting Up And Managing Alerts, Driver Scoring Systems And Daily/Monthly Reports and many more.  The popular 'CarBit' telematics solutions prove to be essential for vehicle and fleet tracking.

CANbus Telematics Solutions

Details coming soon


ClearView's MagTrack is a rechargeable Asset tracker providing the technology and re-assurance that your asset is protected.  Utilising ultra strong magnets for quick, strong and simple attachment to vehicles, trailers, containers etc, supporting cell based location and lumen light detection to provide you with the best possible security of your assets all monitored directly from your ClearView Tracking portal and Smartphone App.

Crash Detect Telematics Solutions

Get notifications within seconds, detailing any impact incident that takes place across your fleet, taking advantage of innovative GPS tracking technology, using 3 axis accelerometer detect technology reconstructing the vital seconds before and after an incident.  The perfect vehicle telematics solutions to reduce claim and insurance costs.  

Driver/Operator ID Telematics Solutions

Gain GPS location insight of vehicles and drivers at any point, utilising wired, plug in, wireless and key based ID tracking and telematics solutions.  Manage and monitor key driving habits that have a knock on effect on fleet expenses, contributing to excessive fuel consumption and increased vehicle wear and tear.  Providing telematics solutions to observe plant and equipment utilisation, as well as set up restrictions granting access based on licence qualification requirements or hour of use policies.   

Asset And Trailer Track Telematics Solutions

Monitor trailer fleets, using precise GPS tracking  location reports, detailed journey reports and auto message frequency.  ClearView provides the perfect GPS tracking solutions, giving peace of mind to businesses utilising assets that may not return for long periods.

Plant Telematics Solutions

Expensive plant equipment is often a huge target for crime.  After investing large amounts of money into plant equipment, knowing the location and how this equipment is being utilised is key.  ClearView's Plant telematics solutions provide GPS tracking and peace of mind that your equipment is protected and being used as intended, saving you worry and money.  

Lone Worker Telematics Solutions

The safety of your workforce should be a vital factor of consideration.  ClearView makes it easy to manage and monitor worker safety.  Lone worker tracking and telematics solutions can drastically improve worker performance by providing key information and time prompts to workers utilising vehicles.  

Road Care Telematics


ClearView's Road Care vehicle telematics solutions will display areas of service that have been completed and are still outstanding as well as lend a helping hand by scheduling workloads and provide important evidence of work that has been completed.  Road Care telematics solutions can be appointed to off road maintenance vehicles for example gritters, grass cutters and gully sweepers, providing data such as detailed insight into streets gritted in one session and remaining streets left to cover.  

Additional Vehicle Monitoring

Telematics Solutions

ClearView provides a range of tracking and telematics solutions for additional vehicle monitoring, ensuring your fleet meets safety and regulatory laws and stays safe on the road.  This additional monitoring is made up of weight, temperature and tyre monitoring telematics solutions.