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ClearView's Technology specialises in helping utility companies improve workplace safety, whilst reducing operational costs, utilising ClearView's range of 'ready to go' telematics products through:

  • Monitoring rates of vehicle wear and tear

  • Monitoring lone workers

  • Ensuring employees are complying with regulations and guidelines

  • Working to maximum efficiency

Our telematics technology enables utility companies to operate more efficiently and effectively, by transforming and changing the way businesses manage staff and assets.

ClearView's vast telematics product portfolio provides businesses with hard wired and 'plug in and play' technology solutions, providing advanced market leading intelligence required to help businesses achieve these desired goals.  

These telematics solutions contain next generation technology advancements, giving managers necessary data needed to plan and organise workloads more efficiently, monitor employee activity and record a vast variety of major key performance indicators, covering a huge scope of factors ranging from job and workload completion times to CO2 emission monitoring.


Our technology is benefiting companies and organisations, helping them monitor and safeguard lone workers, as well as identifying whether employees are working within regulations and policies, for example working time regulations and laws.   

What Sort Of Vehicles Can Your Telematics And Tracking Be Applied To?

Our technology can track and monitor a wide range of utility vehicles and assets.  Get in contact with us today to find out how we can help you.

Which ClearView Products Will Be Most Beneficial To My Utilities Organisation?

ClearView supply a vast range of telematics products that will directly benefit your utilities organisation.  The following links will display more information on each product, clicking will redirect you.

We can offer personalised solutions tailored towards your business, get in contact for more information